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Re: KeyNote draft available

E. Gerck wrote:
> Bill Frantz writes:
>  > At 1:10 PM -0800 3/14/98, E. Gerck wrote:
>  > >For example, X.509v3 uses the critical bit construct for
>  > >several purposes but also in order to achieve delegation control, in a
>  > >meaningful way, which shows that it is not only possible but also
>  > >needed.
>  >
>  > One specific question about the X.509v3 critical bit.  How does it prevent
>  > me from giving my smart card and it's access codes to my wife?
>  >
> Eaach tool has its domain of use and one may have all sorts of
> different nails. The fact that X.509 does not cover all nails does
> not mean that it does not hammer in the nails it was designed to
> handle. In other words, as my first msg on this topic, if you
> can restrict the problems to set = A then you are doing a better
> job then not restricting anything -- which effectively makes
> A = Universe (in set theory).

This just does not cut it. If people can give away their, err, whatever
it is that they're not supposed to give away outside the electronic
domain, then they can give it away. No amount of waffle about nails and
sets will fix that.



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