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ACL request

I'd like to be able to write ACL entries that match any subject.  
SDSI 1 used the reserved name ALL! for this.  What I'd like to
see in SDSI/SPKI 2 is this replacement text in the structure draft:

6.1 <acl>

   <acl>:: "(" "acl" <version>? <acl-entry>* ")" ;

   <acl-entry>:: "(" "entry" <acl-subj> <deleg>? <tag> <valid>?
   <comment>? ")" ;

   <acl-subj>:: <subj-obj> | "all"

So, "all" isn't a reserved name, but is instead a special subject 
that can be used only on ACLs.

How's that sound?


Matt Fredette
fredette@bbnplanet.com, fredette@mit.edu, fredette@theory.lcs.mit.edu
"The first time the Rolling Stones played, three people came."