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Re: [E-CARM] PKI, CAs, TTPs &c.

i have scenario for financial transactions that is very close to
trust begins at home

the financial institution verifies the client's authentication and public
(i.e. certification authority; the financial institution slash
authority may choose to also issue a certificate to the client).

the client creates a payment instruction against their account
at their financial institution ... and digitally signs the payment
instruction. the payment instruction flows thru the financial
infrastructure ... and eventually arrives at the client's financial
institution for execution/fulfillment. The client's financial
institution can verify the digital signature on the payment
instruction using the digital signature on file in the client's
account record (placed there during the CA registration

it has the additional advantage of

1) being very bit compact easily flowing digital signatures
thru existing financial infrastructures

2) lacking systemic risk introduced with certificate signing ...
i.e. there is no CA/root key compromise attack that can
take down the financial infrastructure (since no certificates
are being used ... digital signature verification is not
dependent on certificates that may all become invalid
because of CA/root key compromise)

The client financial institutions can choose to issue
signed certificates as part of the certification authority
registration process ... and such certificates can
be used in applications where the systemic risk of
CA/root key compromises is less onerous.