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new MIT software release

A new release of the MIT SDSI/SPKI C software distribution is 
available.  Go to


and follow the software distribution links in the paragraph about 
SDSI/SPKI 2.0.  Note that you must be a US or Canadian citizen, etc., 
to get this software.  

The following binary builds are available:


An Intel Linux build will be available some time after IETF.

Many bugs were fixed in this release.  See ChangeLog in the source
distribution for the details (this file should be included in these
binary distributions, but it isn't - my bad).

More general notes from the 0.2.0 README:

Release 0.2.0

Public keys are now expected to comply with
draft-ietf-spki-cert-structure-05.txt; this means that the key's type
name and its parameters must be enclosed in parentheses.

ACLs are now expected to comply with
draft-ietf-spki-cert-structure-05.txt; this means that each entry must
be wrapped in (entry ).

SHA1 hashes computed with Release 0.1.0 were not correct SHA-1 hashes;
they were really SHA-0 hashes, since I wasn't compiling the SHA code
right.  SHA-1 hashes made with Release 0.2.0 should be correct.  Of
course, any object containing a Release 0.1.0 SHA-1 hash is now

Other notes:

There is now a higher probability that using Perl 5 to build
the distribution and drive sdsi2ui will work.  

If you are building the source distribution on a system that
provides the libgmp library and/or Eric Young's libdes library,
you won't need to fetch it/them to build.  


Matt Fredette
fredette@bbnplanet.com, fredette@mit.edu, fredette@theory.lcs.mit.edu
"The first time the Rolling Stones played, three people came."