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Holocomm: Secrecy by Delocalization


I announced today a new digital communication and encoding system
that uses quantum mechanical principles to provide for data privacy
and reliability, called Holocomm. As one of its main characteristics,
information encoded with Holocomm becomes fully delocalized and can
be read only with the proper decoding parameters. This affords a
holographic property: any part of the encoded information can be used
to recover the whole information to a degree. 

The encoded information can be static, as in a certificate, e-mail
message, contract, etc, or dynamic, as in a real-time communication

Further information is available at

Holocomm is neither cryptography nor steganography, even though both
share properties with it. It is not cryptography because the encoded
information cannot be localized.  It is not steganography because it
does not depend on another information to hide the original
information, while it can use another information such as an image,
if so desired. It can provide strong security as with cryptography
while keeping the data hidden as with steganography.  Moreover, since
the information is delocalized but not merged, no part of it can be
removed without removing the message itself while any part of it can
reproduce the message to a degree, which has no parallel in
cryptography or steganography. 

Thus, Holocomm is transparent to encryption control legislation. It  
offers its own delocalized quantum mixing encoding, which can also
be equipped with a tunnel for all known encryption techniques. 

Applications to certificates are contained in the HTML reference. 

Thank you,


Dr.rer.nat. E. Gerck                     egerck@novaware.cps.softex.br
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