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Re: Holocomm: Secrecy by Delocalization

As co-chair, may I ask that this mailing list remain on the topic of
SPKI? We've gotten very far afield on a number of occassions. I
realize that Steve (and especially I) have been a bit lax in the past, 
but it would be nice for us to try to stick to topic and finish our
work from here on in.

Several mailing lists exist to discuss general cryptography, including 
the cryptography mailing list I run.


"Mark A. Carlson" writes:
> Ed Gerck wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > Further information is available at
> > http://novaware.cps.softex.br/holocomm.htm/
> > 
> Interesting marketing blurb, but I would like more details
> on the algorithm.
> > Holocomm is neither cryptography nor steganography, even though both
> > share properties with it. It is not cryptography because the encoded
> > information cannot be localized.  It is not steganography because it
> > does not depend on another information to hide the original
> > information, while it can use another information such as an image,
> > if so desired. 
> Sounds like many of the same claims as Ron Rivest's chaffing:
> http://theory.lcs.mit.edu/~rivest/chaffing.txt
> How does your system differ?
> -- mark