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Re: ACL request

> >I'd like to be able to write ACL entries that match any subject.  
> >SDSI 1 used the reserved name ALL! for this.  What I'd like to
> >see in SDSI/SPKI 2 is this replacement text in the structure draft:
> Do you have some concrete examples of how this is useful?
> The change isn't hard at all but I'm not sure what it means.
>  - Carl

Just making examples from the ideas in draft-ietf-spki-cert-examples-01.txt:

Maybe everyone should be allowed to anonymously FTP into cybercash:

(acl (entry all (tag (ftp cybercash.com anonymous))))

Or telnet into clark.net as guest:

(acl (entry all (tag (telnet clark.net guest))))

Or read the SPKI page through pkpfs:

(acl (entry all (tag (pkpfs //ftp.clark.net/pub/cme/spki.txt read))))

Or submit to an incoming directory at clark.net through pkpfs:

(acl (entry all (tag (pkpfs //ftp.clark.net/pub/incoming add))))


Matt Fredette
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