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Re: acceptance&commitments over trust

At 01:52 AM 3/31/98 -0300, Ed Gerck wrote, in part:
>On Mon, 30 Mar 1998, Carl Ellison wrote:


>>Ed's stuff is fascinating, but it strikes me as an intellectual exercise 
>>inspired by a false premise: that unqualified "trust" is something we can 
>I agree entirely with you. 
>That's why I say "A trusts B on matters of x"  --- which occurs
>at time T, of course. 
>So, trust is perfectly qualified:
>the trustor: A
>the trustee: B
>the subject: x
>the time:    T
>The rest just follows ....

Ed, in defense of Carl, I think it is not so much a matter of "unqualified"
trust (the trust we use every day lacks rigor in qualification) but rather
"well-qualified grok".  That is, imagine rewriting what you wrote as

    That's why I say "A groks B on matters of x"  --- which occurs
    at time T, of course. 

    So, grok is perfectly qualified:

    the grok-or: A
    the grok-ee: B
    the subject: x
    the time:    T

    The rest just follows ....

Maybe ... but it remains difficult to foresee applying "grok" in a
practical application.  I hope you see my point.  If you can't motivate
a general theory by demonstrating how it might apply directly, through
realistic (if limited) examples, only those in Ivory Towers will pay
it much heed.

Demonstrate what this algebra can do *functionally* (if not syntactically)
for me, to solve a problem that I could not solve, or would need to dismiss
at my peril, and you would go along way to helping others think in terms
of a protocol for supporting it.  It need not be perfect, but it must be
practical and realistic.


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