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Re: slides from WG meeting, 31 Mar 98

At 7:48 AM -0800 4/1/98, Carl Ellison wrote:
>P.S.  Bill Frantz reminded me after the meeting that I had omitted a DSA
>stub in the slides.  I don't have DSA in the current code but will add that
>as soon as the first release is done and it will have the same kind of
>stubbing if necessary for export purposes.  If I can find a good freeware
>implementation, I may even try to get approval to include it bodily.
>After all, DSA is good only for authentication.  That's why NSA chose it.

My reading of the export regs say that since SPKI is only for
authentication, you don't need an export license or a conversation with the
commerce department.  Your Paranoia May Vary.

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