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Re: Reasonableness

Bob Jueneman wrote:

| There are really three separate issues here:
| 1.  Under what circumstances should a digital signature be rebuttably
| presumed to be valid?

	When the software used to produce it comes with a warranty.

	I believe Carl's point to be that grandma can not be relied on
to understand the technology.  I've been mulling this, and am not sure
that it matters.  (My thought experiment has been, should we hold Bob
to a higher standard of proof because he clearly understands the
issues?  The answer I arrive at is that we should not, in part because
even Bob is unlikely to be able to ensure that his understanding of
what the software is doing is reflective of reality.  By ensure, I
mean be roughly as confident in his answer about his digital signature
software as he is about his physical checkbook.)


"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."