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Re: Card Not Present, was Re: FW: comments

On 27 Jul 1998, EKR wrote:

>Ed Gerck <egerck@laser.cps.softex.br> writes:
>> On Mon, 27 Jul 1998, Phillip Hallam-Baker wrote:
>> >The merchant is not expected to have expertise in checking signatures
>> >but if a question arises they had better have the signed reciept if they
>> >want to be paid.
>> >
>> And which must reasonably resemble the signature specimen in the
>> card.
>This is clearly false, since the merchant doesn't have the
>card and there's no way for the Issuer to know what's on the
>card. And in the case of unauthorized use, with high probability
>the card is no longer in the hands of the authorized user,
>so there's no way to enforce this check.


This discussion is not relevant to SPKI and continues off-list. 
Further, it is being forwarded to those that were interested but were
just lurking. If you want to see if Eric is right, pls send me a
private e-mail and I will forward the current thread. Or, go overseas
and buy yourself a lunch or tank your car. 


Ed Gerck

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