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Trust Management BOF, Chicago, Thursday (fwd)

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> Subject: Trust Management BOF, Chicago, Thursday
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> There will be a BOF on trust management expression and negotiation
> Thursday afternoon, 3:30.  The agenda is still forming, so let
> me know if you are interested in presenting ideas.
> The purpose of the BOF is to discuss the need for a working group to
> develop data representations and protocols that allow entities in
> different organizations to express and negotiate the conditions under
> which they will communicate for various network services.  The
> conditions are expected to include security-related mechanisms for
> authentication and integrity; the representations and protocols for
> accomplishing the negotiation are themselves security relevant and may
> be the subject of analysis.  The BOF will discuss trust management
> issues in current and planned protocols and the question of whether or
> not the policy expression and negotiation are distinct enough from
> activities in the other groups to warrant the formation of a new WG.