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RE: Trust Management BOF, Chicago, Thursday (fwd)

 May I suggest you look at the DEN work with Cisco/Microsoft that has
many international groups and "giants" contributing to it.. It covers
directory support of networks, their resouces, their QOS - policies and
profiles...The Vs document is an excellent document which puts some real
meat around this area -
It supports Radius, DHCP capabilities and is modelled with X.500 and
CIM(DTMF) Object classes..

see DEN

 note that X.500 is recognised as the directory vehicle to support DEN -
DHCP/DNS and Radius for QOS and security profiles for internet services.

There are also new ITU documents that deal with the International Mobile
Telephone system standards for the next millenium called IMT 2000
These identify directory functions (X.500) for the information aspects
of international mobile tracking, mobile athentication and mobile
service profiles.
No doubt the spki thing wont be applied here - as these are big
systems.. that relate to real life named users that travel the planet.
If you want details of these , please request.

regards alan
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> There will be a BOF on trust management expression and negotiation
> Thursday afternoon, 3:30.  The agenda is still forming, so let
> me know if you are interested in presenting ideas.
> The purpose of the BOF is to discuss the need for a working group to
> develop data representations and protocols that allow entities in
> different organizations to express and negotiate the conditions under
> which they will communicate for various network services.  The
> conditions are expected to include security-related mechanisms for
> authentication and integrity; the representations and protocols for
> accomplishing the negotiation are themselves security relevant and may
> be the subject of analysis.  The BOF will discuss trust management
> issues in current and planned protocols and the question of whether or
> not the policy expression and negotiation are distinct enough from
> activities in the other groups to warrant the formation of a new WG.