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Re: SPKI meeting at Chicago?

In message <5731E91FCE0ED211B05B0020484016A32865C0@RBMAIL103>, "Flanigan, Bill"
> But Perry, we haven't seen you since, I think, last year.  And Don only
> showed up once in the past few meetings.  Is this a WG or a self-renewing
> BOF?  Or is it sunset time?

Things are progressing.  But I received requests from several key
members of the group, including Carl Ellison -- our primary document
editor -- to consider whether or not we really needed to meet this
time, given the conflict with CRYPTO.  I posted this information to
the mailing list quite some time ago; I saw no objections.

But you're right that it's time to consider where we're going from here.
Are there major open issues with the current drafts?  It would be nice
to publish and wind down.