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Re: Application inquiry

> The pass model requires that certificates be stored somewhere. For
> existing applications like S/MIME this is typically on the user's local
> machine. 

But if we want to use SPKI certificates and chaining on a global scale,
some kind of distributed storage is needed -- therefore the DNS is
one potential storage alternative. We wrote a paper on that subject.

Nikander P., Viljanen L. "Storing and Retrieving Internet
Certificates". In Proc. of the NORDSEC'98, The Third Nordic 
Workshop on Secure IT Systems, November 5th-6th 1998, Trondheim, 

I can also put the .ps file on-line, if obtaining the paper version
is difficult.

Lea 'LadyBug' Viljanen                  Fact without theory is trivia.
Lea.Viljanen@nixu.fi                    Theory without fact is bullshit.

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