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ABNF in draft-ietf-spki-cert-structure-05.txt

Would it be a good idea to convert the BNF in
draft-ietf-spki-cert-structure-05.txt to use the ABNF syntax defined in
RFC 2234?  RFC 2234 is currently at Proposed Standard.

The only difficulty I see is that RFC2234 specifies that all strings
are case-independent, but we could presumably override that by saying
something like

        BNF constructs in this document use a variant of ABNF [RFC
        2234].  The only difference between the variant used in this
        document and the ABNF defined in [RFC 2234] is that quoted
        strings in the BNF used in this document are case-dependent
        (so that "display" and "DisPlAy" mean different things), but
        quoted strings in [RFC 2234] ABNF are case-independent (so that
        "display" and "DisPlAy" mean the same thing).

--apb (Alan Barrett)