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Attribute certificates in XML

Hello all, 

I would like to introduce our work on attribute certificates in XML.

We have been working on a new communication framework on the Internet,
and we came to realize the needs for a kind of attribute certificates
for "access control" during the work.  We also realized the importance
of the extensibility of such certificates for the practical use in 
various Internet applications and services.  These (very roughly stated)
motivations drive us develop XML-based attribute certificates, named
"Capability Cards."  

For more detailed information, please check

Please note that we will not oppose our work to the efforts of SPKI.
We respect the SPKI framework as a generic certificate framework, and
we think it can be applicable to many situations investigated in this
community.  Our work is not intended for such a generic usage, but
rather specific applications like WWW access and communication access
control.  And we believe that XML is a suitable notational framework
for such applications. 

Our work is actually in a very early stage, and we realize that there 
are a number of points to be improved.  If some of you are interested 
in such XML-based attribute certificates, please contact us.  It may
lead to future collaboration.  We are sorry that we cannot attend the 
Orlando Meeting next week unfortunately, because of geographical and 
budget-related reasons. (We are in Japan...)

Anyway, we would appreciate any comments from you.


Hiroyasu Sugano
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Akashi, Japan