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Q: Resolving groups?


Perhaps this is a silly question or it has been asked before, but I 
need some help regarding the resolution of names that were introduced 
in name certificates. In section 5 spki-cert-structure-05.txt, p.23 ff, 
name certs are  described as defining groups, i.e. there can be multiple 
name certs by a single issuer for the same name but different subjects. 
This is straightforward, useful and obviously neccessary.

In section 5.3, however, the draft talks about reducing such a name.
What is it reduced to if there are multiple subjects with that name,
i.e. if the group has multiple members? If, e.g., "fred" is such a
group name (relative to hash md5 |abc...|), I don't see how you can
use it in situations like 

(subject (name (hash md5 |abc...|) fred sam george mary).

What does it mean to resolve sam relative to a group? Am I 
missing something obvious?

Thanks, regards and a Happy New Year, 
Gerald Brose.
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