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Re: MIT implementation sources?

At 6:13 PM -0700 2/16/99, Paul Crowley wrote:
>Does anyone know of an FTP site outside the USA that carries the SDSI
>2.0 sources, and whether I'd be breaking any laws in fetching them
>from there if so?  I'd also be particularly interested in hearing
>about any complete examples of SPKI-enabled clients and servers that
>use this code, particularly if they're also SSL based.  I'm interested
>in using SPKI as the basic permissions system for the next major
>revision of PRCS (http://www.xcf.berkeley.edu/~jmacd/prcs) which is
>client-server and SSL based.

My reading of the latest Wasenaar (sp?) agreement is that authentication
only systems are completely de-controlled.  As such, unless you are in one
of the 5 really bad guy countries, export/import is completely legal.

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