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Display types?

What are the advantages of embedding display types in the definition
of byte strings, rather than explicitly using an S-expression to
relate a MIME-type to a string where appropriate?  Without this
complication, SPKI S-expressions become straightforward to represent
in languages such as Lisp, Perl, and Prolog, whereas with them an
inconvenient extra level of indirection is needed.

It also seems that in all the examples given, the mandatory first
string in an S-expression is a token consisting of lower case
characters and hyphens.  I'm surprised that this isn't also mandatory
since it makes life easier for Lisp programs.

I tried to find the answers to these questions in the archives but
perhaps my search didn't penetrate deep enough; and in any case, the
archives were somewhat broken last time I looked.  If these questions
are answered by pointing me to the relevant bit of correspondance that
would be wonderful.
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