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Re: Display types?

Paul Koning <pkoning@xedia.com> writes:

> The UFT-8 and Unicode discussion in the Plan9 document that was quoted 
> earlier makes the point that Unicode in its 16-bit form has the major
> problem that the byte order isn't well defined and cleanly handled.
> That does sound familiar, and it's totally unacceptable to introduce
> such a thing anywhere.

I don't get this. We are free to specify that unicode strings in spki
are always in network byte order (or the other way round, I don't
care). We only have to spell out the rules clearly. It's been done
before and it's no big deal.

Avoiding an endianness holy war is yet another *irrelevant* argument
for UTF-8. Next I'm expecting that we should use ascii decimal digits
for bignums, because binary encoding of integers can be done using
several incompatible byte orders, and this confusion is totally
unacceptable. *sigh*


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