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Re: X.509 ACs vs. SPKI?

A lot of SPKI concepts can be found in PGPticket


     OpenPGP specifies message formats and certificate formats used for
    exchange of encrypted and/or authenticated objects. This document
    discusses methods of extending OpenPGP's message formats to support
    an authorization system. This system would use public key
    cryptography to authenticate a user to a server and establish the
    user's access permissions. The concept is that the user acquires a
    ticket signed by some issuer that specifies what they are entitled to
    do. That ticket is then submitted to a server. The server uses a
    challenge/response method to verify that the holder really has the
    matching private key. The server then allows the access specified.

On 5/12/99, Men from Black Helicopters forced "Ari Huttunen" to write :

>Has someone made a comparison of what can / cannot be done
>in X.509 Attribute Certificates (draft-ietf-pkix-ac509prof-00.txt)
>that can be done with SPKI certificates? Would there be some ideas
>in SPKI that could be used to enhance X.509 ACs?
>My aim here is very pragmatic. I don't observe SPKI as going
>forward, so I would like X.509 ACs to be able to do as much as
>For the sake of conversation, here's a proposal how SPKI certificates
>could be put inside X.509 ACs. I certainly do not claim that this
>works as-is, but it might be made to work.
>1) The server checking X.509 ACs is also acting as the CA that
>   issues those ACs.
>2) The SPKI certificate security fields are mapped as follows:
>   Issuer = refers to the X.509 certificate of the server.
>   Subject = refers to the X.509 certificate of the client.
>   Delegation = ..as in SPKI..
>   Authority = ..as in SPKI..
>   Validity = attrCertValidityPeriod
>   Ari Huttunen
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