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DN's (was Re: X.509 ACs vs. SPKI?)

Carl Ellison wrote:
> unique way.  Since there are no globally unique (ie., distinguished)
> textual names and there never will be (IMHO), we choose to make
> names unique by using what we call a Fully Quanlified name:

I used sloppy wording here and want to forestall a storm of replies
pointing that out.

There are *many* globally unique names: phone numbers, e-mail addresses,
US SSN, ....  What there isn't is a *single* globally unique name system.
That's what I mean by "distinguished name" (lowercase, to distinguish it
from an X.500 DN).  Of course, X.500 once thought it was going to produce
distinguished names and much of its design is based on that assumption.
This implies a value system difference and we know from psychology
that a value system difference produces religious debates that never

 - Carl

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