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Re: X.509 ACs vs. SPKI?

At 03:24 PM 5/28/99 -0400, Stephen Kent wrote:
>No, the seacrching problem I refer to is due to the use of ANY hash as an ID.

Slight digress from single/multiple hash algorithm support (I tend to agree
with Steve - a fixed algorithm seems destined for trouble...)

I have always been a bit puzzled by the position that indexing by hash value
is a "problem".  Technically, it seems simple to structure/index an efficient
tree (order log n) search by hash value.  Previous discussions reveal perhaps
that the culprit is distributed DB/Directory management:  Its easy to say
that a given party controls the "OU=xxx" branch of the space, whereas division
of the tree by arbitrary numeric values does not lend itself to this kind of
delegated management.

However, the DN-based tree structure seems (unfortunately) to lend itself all
to easily to "trolling".  (Let's see what lies in the C=X, OU=Y,... area.)



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