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RE: opens source SPKI implementations?

Gunther - It would be nice to know what the size of the system is, what
is the naming doctrine, is it a single database, is it a directory
services approach, what are the security services required and the usage
of keys/certificates, whats the legal issues, whats the privacy issues,
whats issueance and revocation polcies, etc

I dont think one can say - here is SPKI or any other PKI and place that
on a govt/commercial or defence agency system - there are too many other
issues (including legal ones) to consider.

regards alan

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> From:	Gunther Schadow 
> Sent:	Wednesday, June 02, 1999 7:07 AM
> To:	spki@c2.net
> Subject:	opens source SPKI implementations?
> Hi,
> for a fairly large project in health care computing, I am looking
> for public key infrastructure options.  I do favor SPKI.  Please
> if you know of any open-source SPKI implementation or of a link
> to a compilation of SPKI implementations (comparison would be
> nice) I'd be very glad and thankful.
> best regards,
> -Gunther Schadow
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