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Re: opens source SPKI implementations?

Gunther Schadow wrote:
> Hi,
> for a fairly large project in health care computing, I am looking
> for public key infrastructure options.  I do favor SPKI.  Please
> if you know of any open-source SPKI implementation or of a link
> to a compilation of SPKI implementations (comparison would be
> nice) I'd be very glad and thankful.
> best regards,
> -Gunther Schadow
> Gunther Schadow ----------------------------------- http://aurora.rg.iupui.edu
> Regenstrief Institute for Health Care
> 1001 W 10th Street RG5, Indianapolis IN 46202, Phone: (317) 630 7960
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Hi Gunther.

I should add a list of implementations to my web page.  So far,
I have a pointer to the MIT implementation there.  I hope to have
my own copy up there soon (once I've gotten it through NSA and
BXA).  Meanwhile, if other people will send me their
implementation pointers (or just plans) I'll add an entry to
the page for them.

 - Carl

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