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Re: opens source SPKI implementations?

Alan Lloyd wrote:
> Carl - sorry.. I was just trying to help - which may be strange for me
> :-)

I put my own smiley there on purpose.... :)
> I just cannot see how one can put a PKI into "space" - it has to fit
> onto something - and naturally because I work with CAs and Dirs - they
> are the natural background questions I ask.. If however, the SPKI is
> being applied to Pacemakers, Iron Lungs, Jars of Leaches and Bone Saws,
> etc - than I will have to bow out. As I just cannot stand the sight of
> blood on Public Key Material  held in directory systems :-)

Good point.

Actually, whenever I meet a certificate I have to ask what test the 
verifier is running that needs information from the certificate,
what specific information is being tested and what authority there is
on that kind of information.  I don't believe in certificates that
wander around, unanchored -- so I believe you and I can be in
violent agreement, if we give ourselves the time to discuss this

 - Carl

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