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RE: opens source SPKI implementations?

Thanks for that Carl just one point

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> From:	Carl Ellison 
> Sent:	Thursday, June 03, 1999 2:57 PM
> To:	Alan Lloyd
> Cc:	'Gunther Schadow'; spki@c2.net
> Subject:	Re: opens source SPKI implementations?
> Alan Lloyd wrote:
> > 
> > Carl - sorry.. I was just trying to help - which may be strange for
> me
> > :-)
> I put my own smiley there on purpose.... :)
> > I just cannot see how one can put a PKI into "space" - it has to fit
> > onto something - and naturally because I work with CAs and Dirs -
> they
> > are the natural background questions I ask.. If however, the SPKI is
> > being applied to Pacemakers, Iron Lungs, Jars of Leaches and Bone
> Saws,
> > etc - than I will have to bow out. As I just cannot stand the sight
> of
> > blood on Public Key Material  held in directory systems :-)
> Good point.
	Is that the one about getting blood on certificates :-)

	I am happy to discuss anything operational about PKI and if
required its relationships with directory services - including  OCSP,
etc as well as policy based processing which I think needs to be done -
Its not a simple issue that will result in a new protocol or algorithm ,
but such discussions will take PKI systems forward.

	Specifically as one embraces  directory services and then PKIs -
one needs to change the hierachical view (the theory of directories and
PKI) to a distributed - policy based view - in line with business
operations. Its that space I think needs some attention.

	thoughts are welcome  and regards alan