Alan T. Dekok

Not all of the links here are still active, I haven't had time to do more than minor updatesin the past few years....
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What I Do...

M.Sc. project A Process Degasser for the SNO Ultra-pure Light Water Facility

So far so good.. which is probably a Good Thing.
...and what does the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory look like?
As for my thesis, it will probably go on-line sometime in December, as soon as I finish polishing it. Addendum Feb. 27: Ha! Dream on, buddy.

Other Interests

Miscellaneous stuff I've collected, hobby information, etc.
Includes Tandy Coco 3 information, along with general 6809 and OS-9 stuff.

Collection of Computer Things

Mostly computer humor (written by people, naturally).

Miscellaneous text and humor.

Articles I've been accreting over time.

Some interesting things to note: the Cat in the Hat review has apparently been making the rounds, as many people go straight there without accessing anything else. Are my links that exciting?

Tons of other things I like

What's in a word?
Check out some online dictionaries. Project Gutenberg also has many free books on line. A list by author of online books, or you could go to the main On-line Books Page, which has many more links than I've ever followed up.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Literature is a page with many literature related links.

The Computing Dictionary is a fabulous way to navigate through computer jargon and trivia.
Complete and utter uselessness. No warranty is expressed or implied.
The Principia Discordia exists online: Hail Eris! Hail Discordia! Learn the truth of the Sacred Chao!

Environment Canada
What's the weather like in the Big Room?

Interesting Canadiana
Looking for Canadian stuff? The Canadian WWW Master Index may be able to help you.
The CRC WWW server has links to all sorts of neat Canadian government related things, as does the CRTC Home Page
A list of Canadian Geographical Names is offered by Energy, Mines, and Resorces Canada, along with cool maps.
In Ottawa, the National Capital Freenet is a network proving free access to the community.

The outside world
Downtown Anywhere is a town on the web.