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Re: (IPng) Proposed message on perfect forward security

Amir says:
> ... Let me clarify: I agree with most of Perry's reservations about SKIP
> and in-line keying. But, I don't agree with his conclusion. SKIP and 
> in-line keying give some unique advantages to certain valid scenarios. 
> Therefore, it would be good to include them as options of our key 
> management and encapsulation standards. Of course they should not be the
> only mode or even the default, furthermore I'll agree to eliminate them
> if we had a good reason (i.e. a big cost in efficiency, security, or 
> complexity).

Like Amir, I see no big deal supporting this as an option.  Let's stop 
bickering and agree to an approach that supports both Photuris-like and 
SKIP-like key management approaches.