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Re: (IPng) Re: Proposed message on perfect forward security


Ran has recently sent out an email message stating that he will modify the
security I-D to clarify that the IANA will control the range of reserved
SAIDs. I think that is helpful. However, the draft still deprecates the
use of in-band keying. Why?

I guess I am puzzled by your observation that the exchange "has gone
beyond the point of being constructive a long while ago." If to pursue an
issue is unproductive, what does this say about the whole IETF process?
The author of the security I-Ds is reluctant to change them to accomodate
in-band keying. Why?

However, if pursuing this issue is seen by the long term participants of the
IPng working group as counter-productive, then I will retire. I thought this
was supposed to be an open process.