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A Modest Proposal

I'd like to make the following modest proposal.

At Danvers, I'd like for the entire non-cryptographer population of
the IPSEC committee to force Hugo, Ashar, the NSA folks, and whomever
else is nearby who has cryptography credentials into a room.  The room
is to remain locked until such time as the cryptographers come up with
a proposal for an authentication algorithm that they actually believe
to be both strong and reasonably fast. We will supply bread and water
sufficient for the first day of deliberations by the cryptographers,
and we will supply an unlimited supply of blank sheets of paper and
pencils. The room will be furnished with enough table space for all
the cryptographers to write but no chairs, and the floor of the room
is to be made of unfinished concrete.

I've been begging the cryptography people to come up with something
for months now. If nothing else, perhaps this proposal would convince
them that we are serious about needing help on this problem.


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