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Re: IPv6 Security Last Call Initial Questions

smb@research.att.com says:
> I'm afraid it's a simple matter of arithmetic.
> Let's look at Joe Touch's performance numbers.  He got DES speeds
> ranging from 20-37 Mbps.  To make the arithmetic easy, let's just say
> 32 Mbps.  At 64 bits per block, that's .5 M encryptions/second, or 2
> microseconds per encryption.

But Steve, isn't this bulk-rate encryption speed? I.e. key setup
is done once, and then you pipe your data in as fast as you can?
While during cryptanalysis you must perform a new key setup with
every encryption (thus slowing down considerably)?

Any numbers on how many key schedule setups per second can one do?
Uri         uri@watson.ibm.com      N2RIU