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Re: IPv6 Security Last Call Initial Questions

Christopher Samuel says:
> In message <199503300502.AA24607@interlock.ans.net>, 
> 	bound@zk3.dec.com writes:
> > But the nominal fee may be cheaper than the cost in "time" to deal with
> > getting another export license, so it could be cheaper.
> I doubt if this would be well received by the free Un*x community.
> The default option, IMHO, *must* be free to be used in something
> like Linux, otherwise it'll just get laughed at.

This isn't a joke, by the way. A friend of mine makes a very large
amount of money selling Linux CDs. There are at least half a million
Linux users out there, and the growth curve hasn't stopped. There are
also people who have business interests in selling unencumbered
4.4lite derived systems.