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In section 1.3, Initialization Vector.

The IV is defined for SAs with negotiated keys as based on the
SPI and replay counter:

   When dynamically configured via a key management protocol, the 64-bit
   IV is generated from the 32-bit SPI field followed by (concatenated
   with) the 32-bit Sequence Number field.  The bit-wise complement of
   the 32-bit Sequence Number value is XOR'd with the first 32-bits

My question is why?  I read the security notes but I still can't figure
out the above is specified.  Both the RC5 and CAST ESP drafts use a
pseudo-random IV which is discarded.  That's makes much more sense to me.
By defining the 3DES IV as above, doesn't this give an attacker a really
good source of plaintext to try to crack the keys?

Am I missing something fundamental here?
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