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Re: What price security?

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Robert Moskowitz wrote:
> At 09:23 AM 6/20/97 -0700, Phil Karn wrote:
> >>Nonetheless, there are applications (such as gigabit routers) where the
> >>processor-to-bandwidth ratio is smaller than pentium-over-modem.
> >
> >Which, IMHO, is yet another compelling argument for doing encryption
> >on an end-to-end basis whenever possible.
> And those servers better gear up for some hefty crypto work!

Take a look at the May/June IEEE Network magazine.  The 1st article
by Roger Needham, "The Changing Environment for Security Protocols",
is quite thought provoking.  I think these technological and
organizational trends he discusses will be incorporated into the 
future design of cryptographic protocols.

- Alex


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