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IPSec Remote Access BOF

I'd like to invite anyone interested to present at the IPSec Remote Access
BOF coming up on March 15 at IETF.  Please send me your presentation
proposals by no later than this Thursday. 

IP Security Remote Access BOF (ipsra)
Monday, March 15 at 0930-1130
The rapid growth of remote access and the subsequent transition from older
direct-dial methods to Internet-based remote access is making an impact
secure communications. 
IP Security (IPSec), as it is today defined, is missing key functionality
needed to effectively support Internet-based remote access as well as being
difficult to deploy to remote users. IPSec is quite functional and provides
for a very robust base of security specifications, thus any new
functionality would have to be added to the existing specifications as
add-ons and not disrupt existing implementations.
To address these problems the IPSRA Working Group will:
1) specify an extensible mechanism for bootstrapping remote IPSec users
2) specify an extensible mechanism to extend IPSec to support legacy user
authentication methods such as RADIUS

The proposed work item for this group would yield standards that are
compatible with the existing IPSec architecture [RFC 2401] and IKE,
complementing the standards work achieved by the IPSec Working Group. This
work will be derived from, but not limited to, all or some of the following

- Agenda bashing
- Series of presentations of related work
- Open discussion and consensus gathering: do we need to form a WG to do the
proposed work?
- Collect feedback and modify charter
- adjourn