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Re: ipsec implementation

"Hendrianto Muljawan, SCN/SAE" wrote:

> I have read some ietf drafts about this topics, but I couldn't found any
> information about what kind of software I need to implement it in a mix of
> UNIX-Windows NT environment and about the possibility to use PPTP.
> It will be greatly appreciated if someone could give me some hints of some
> websites/drafts about this.

A 1997 list of 40-odd implementations is at:


I don't know of a newer list & would love to hear if there is one.

Vendor groups with pointers to various things:

http://www.rsa.com/rsa/SWAN     S/WAN Secure Wide Area Networking
http://www.vpnc.org             newly formed VPN Consortium

Open source distributions include:

http://www.x4all.nl/~freeswan                for Linux
http://www.kame.net/project-overview.html    for various *BSD Unices