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Re: Version Issues (was RE: Vendor ID issues )

>>>>> "Tim" == Tim Jenkins <tjenkins@TimeStep.com> writes:
    Tim> Michael raises version number issues; I have some concerns of
    Tim> my own. When I read the drafts, it appears that the version
    Tim> numbers belong to ISAKMP. If this is correct, how do we
    Tim> indicate versions of IKE (or any other protocol, for that
    Tim> matter)? I don't think the vendor ID is either intended or
    Tim> appropriate for this (to indicate additional capabilities of
    Tim> the protocol).

  I would propose that the minor number be turned into a DOI
number. That's be my choice. The DOI just involves changes to numbers,
not packet formats. Maybe we don't have enough bits there for the DOI.

    Tim> Could it be that the version numbers in the ISAKMP header
    Tim> refer to the DOI that is using ISAKMP? This leads to a
    Tim> problem if you use ISAKMP DOI of 0. In that case, what's the
    Tim> version number of IKE or another protocol that uses ISAKMP?

    Tim> The rules that Michael's proposing probably cannot be made
    Tim> until the version number usage and meanings are
    Tim> clarified. (It would help the MIB definition, too.)

  No kidding!

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