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Re: High Availability and IPSec

At 15:28 22.8.2000 +0200, you wrote:
>Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this...
>Does anyone know the action/impact of IPSec in a highly available
>Scenario 1: Client (Win2K) connects to server (HP w/ ServiceGuard) using
>network card in
>     server fails, connections/IP Address get failed over to "backup" network
>Will the client cope with this? Or will something stop the connection from
>continuing? (Will it think it's
>someone trying to spoof the connection for example)

There should not be any problem at the client side. It shouldn't even notice.
I would expect such a fail-over system to deal with ARP problems.

>Scenario 2: Client connects to server, server dies, packages (Including IP
>address) fail over
>to another machine...
>Pretty much the same questions.

Well that _is_ a problem. From the client side, it looks just like
the server rebooted: The server forgot all IPsec SAs.
ARP could also be a problem.

If the client has a feature to detect dead tunnels, good.

If it does not, the client can't reach the server for the
remaining lifetime of the IPsec SA (phase 2). In this
case, phase 2 lifetimes should be small. Like 5 minutes.