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High Availability and IPSec

Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this...

Does anyone know the action/impact of IPSec in a highly available environment.


Scenario 1: Client (Win2K) connects to server (HP w/ ServiceGuard) using IPSec,
network card in
     server fails, connections/IP Address get failed over to "backup" network

Will the client cope with this? Or will something stop the connection from
continuing? (Will it think it's
someone trying to spoof the connection for example)

Scenario 2: Client connects to server, server dies, packages (Including IP
address) fail over
to another machine...

Pretty much the same questions.

If there are problems, what is the best practice way to deal with them?

I've looked pretty hard and can't find any information on this subject. If
people can provide
pointers that would be more than enough.

Thanks in advance,