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RE: I-D ACTION:draft-lordello-ipsec-vpn-doi-00.txt

Yes, the customer trusts the ISP the same way the customers today trust
their FR, ATM link to their service provider.

Well noted, the

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> > 	Title		: VPN-ID-Enhanced IPSec-VPN DOI for ISAKMP
> > 	Author(s)	: C. Lordello, U. Neustadter
> > 	Filename	: draft-lordello-ipsec-vpn-doi-00.txt
> Just being in picky mood...
> The security considerations for this should probably include the obvious
> note, that in this solution the customer implicitly trusts their ISP (ISP
> can read and monitor everything in clear). So, I wonder what type of
> "customer" actually would need this thing?