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Next IPsec & L2TP Bakeoff


We have come up with the idea that perhaps the next IPsec
and L2TP bakeoff could be held in Finland. In order to determine
interest for such an event, it would be interesting to get
feedback from the members of these lists.

In the last bakeoff I think that the consensus was that another
bakeoff would be useful. What about the details, such as:

* If such an event would be organized, would you be willing
   to travel to Europe for it? Would you have less or more
   engineers than in the last bakeoff?

* Timing. When do people want a bakeoff? How does June
   or August 2001 sound? Time is propably running out for
   the traditional January bakeoff, and in March some people
   are going to the Connecthathon.

* What is the rough idea about things to test? IPsec/IKE? IPv6
  & IPsec & IKE (we'd be very interested in that)? L2TP? L2TP/PPP
  with real dial-in connections? Something else?

It seems that suitable locations are in short supply in Finland, though.
If we are going to go ahead with this, we need to decide and reserve
ASAP. Therefore, we'd be very pleased to get the feedback before the
San Diego IETF. Thanks!

Jari Arkko, Ericsson
Tero Kivinen, SSH