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Re: Give me a example to test AH header!

perhaps you can implement a "buggy" repeater, doing the man-in-the-
middle-attack, with a setup like this:
fxzhang     repeater     ajax
    |            |         |         |
    ---------         -------
I think a linux box should be able to do this, (with raw reading and writing?).
The software to copy data between the interfaces then should include a filter
that would change some bytes, and recalc. the IP checksum.
To make it easy, and keep on ftp: Let the filter exchange "love" vs. "hate",
and transmit a love-letter via ftp.

I think only very active hackers and govs _might_ have such software...
If your presentation is not interactive you can "fake" everything,
that'll have much less work!


YaNan Guo wrote:

> Hello:
>    I do not know how to test AH header.
>    Now i have 2 machine, one is 3ffe:3216:2101:2151::2(fxzhang),
> the other is 3ffe:3216:2101:2152::5(ajax).
>    The famous scientists want to see the function of AH and ESP.
> I design a ftp session for ESP. But I do not know how to test
> AH header.
>    Both machine installed freebsd3.4 and kame-20000417-snapshot.
> I will use setkey to test AH.
>    Who can give me a demostration method? For example, before
> using AH ipsec header, hacker can do ....; then after using
> AH, hacker can not do...., like this.
>    Need other software to act as Hacker-attacking software ?
> How to perform it vividly and make these scientists feel
> kame is really COOL! By the way, these scientists are not good
> at computer networks. So the method must be clear and simple.
>    Thanks!  I am very glad to hear from you !