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Give me a example to test AH header!

   I do not know how to test AH header. 
   Now i have 2 machine, one is 3ffe:3216:2101:2151::2(fxzhang),
the other is 3ffe:3216:2101:2152::5(ajax). 
   The famous scientists want to see the function of AH and ESP.
I design a ftp session for ESP. But I do not know how to test
AH header. 
   Both machine installed freebsd3.4 and kame-20000417-snapshot.
I will use setkey to test AH. 
   Who can give me a demostration method? For example, before
using AH ipsec header, hacker can do ....; then after using
AH, hacker can not do...., like this. 
   Need other software to act as Hacker-attacking software ?
How to perform it vividly and make these scientists feel 
kame is really COOL! By the way, these scientists are not good 
at computer networks. So the method must be clear and simple. 

   Thanks!  I am very glad to hear from you !