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Re: Problem with draft-ietf-ipsec-ikev2-algorithms-02.txt

It has been received on June 6th.
It has been announced on June 9th.

Natalia Syracuse

Barbara Fraser wrote:
> Hi,
> Re:  draft-ietf-ipsec-ikev2-algorithms-02.txt
> Ted and I were looking for this draft and noticed that the link for the -02
> document on the IPsec wg page is broken.  When we checked the ftp site,
> there were no copies of this document at all, even the earlier -01
> version.  We believe Jeff submitted the  -02 document on June 3.  There has
> been no announcement of this draft which leads us to believe something
> happened in the middle of ID's handling of this document.
> Thanks for looking into this,
> Barb and Ted