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21-25 July 2003 IPsec bakeoff ETSI Sophia Antipolis - last reminder to IETF IPsec list

Dear All,

Please let me remind you that the Plugtests interoperability 
event IPsec  will take place soon at ETSI  (21-25 July 2003)!

The IPsec registration closing date is approaching (6 July 2003)

If interested, please register using the following url

or click "Registration/login" in

Any comments are welcome!


In addition to testbed native IPv6 access, ETSI will provide 
(LAN and WLAN) with direct IPv4 access at 2x10 Mbps on the same
network to test:
- IPsec over IPv4 and IPv6
- Manual IPsec
- IKEv1 and  IKEv2
- Remote access extensions
- ... and more as you like
As for other events, testing guidelines will be given but no tests
are mandatory and participants select tests according to their wish.

In addition to interoperability we could organize IPsec performance
and scalability tests if enough participants are interested.

During the week, we could book rooms to allow attendees to organize
talks about subjects such as:
- IPsec benchmarking methodology IETF draft

Feedback on generic problems encountered will be shared during the
event. It is reminded that detailed information shared during the
event is confidential and the event strictly reserved to technical
people with products. Marketing and Sales representatives as well
as observers are not allowed. 

Best Regards,

Plugtests Technical Coordinator 
tel +33(0)4 92 94 43 31 
fax +33(0)4 92 38 52 31