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Re: Part time job with Studies in Political Economy

Dear opirg sunscriber: Please note the following job opportunity and
bring it to the attention of friends or acquaintances who might be
interested in, and qualified for, this post.

Studies in Political Economy one of Canada's leading progressive
academic journals is seeking a part time Copy Editor with lots of energy
and word processing skills.  Preference will be given to candidates with
some knowledge of desktop publishing, or a willingness to learn; some
sympathy for the poor and homeless; and the ability to stay awake and
focused in the monthly meetings of the Executive Committee.  Tasks will
include copy editing; preparation of files for a desktop publisher, or
of camera ready proofs for a printer; management of the manuscript flow;
and organization of the journal mail out and of the Annual Board
Meeting.  The job entails work of 2  days a week, based in a well
equipped office at Carleton University.  Salary will be paid according
to the University's administrative scale and will include normal
employee benefits.  To apply please send a short (not over 2 page)
letter to arrive before November 1st 1997 and arrange for two letters of
reference to arrive by the same date.  Your letter of application should
state why you believe that you are the right person for this job and
should be accompanied by a brief cv.   Please send materials to: SPE;
Social. Science Research Building - Rm 303;  Carleton University; Ottawa
- K1S 5B6                                                 

Further information can be obtained from: m_bienefeld@carleton.ca; or
from ekillean@ccs.carleton.ca.

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