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Benefit Screening of The Flickering Flame by Ken Loach

                 BENEFIT SCREENING

                A Documentary Film By

                      KEN LOACH
       (director of Riff Raff, Land and Freedom)
                THE FLICKERING FLAME

                Tuesday November 11
                      7:30 p.m.
                Room 129, Simard Hall
                University of Ottawa

                Suggested Donation $5
                (no one turned away)

All proceeds from this event will go to support
the two-year struggle of the nearly 500 dockworkers
in Liverpool who have been permanently locked out
and replaced by scabs.  The Flickering Flame (1996)
outlines the background to the dispute and gives the
dockers the opportunity to explain in their own words
why they think the outcome of their struggle has
implications for workers everywhere.

The purpose of this benefit screening is not only
to raise money and awareness for the Liverpool
dockers, but also to gather activists interested in
making the upcoming Women of the Waterfront (WoW) Tour
a success.  The WoW is a support group consisting of
the wives and partners of the Liverpool dockers.
They will be doing a speaking tour of Canada on Nov.
20-30, stopping in Ottawa on Nov. 21.

For more information on this event and the upcoming
WoW Tour you can contact:

              phone: Nick at 241-0124
           e-mail: nick@nanometrics.on.ca
  web pages: www.labournet.org.uk/nov97/wowcan.html

                    SPONSORED BY:
            CUPE District Council and the
        Liverpool Dockers' Solidarity Network

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