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Public meeting: the MAI is NOT DEAD YET

[cc. MAI Ottawa contacts]

Come to the next MAI-not! Project meeting at:

Tues. 17 Feb., 7pm, Rm 401 Fauteaux Hall, Univ. of Ottawa

"Question authority... until you get answers."
"Question deception... until you get truth."

1. MP Survey
2. March MAI days of action
3. Financial Services Agreement
4. Campaign evaluation, strategy timeline

The bad news: Deception
delayed, contrary to reports from the Canadian and U.S. governments, and
the corporate press. The U.S. says it will not sign the MAI as it's now
written. Canada says it may (or may not) delay signing. Both are standard
negotiating ploys that also help diffuse opposition.

The good news: Questioning
Some Liberal MPs are becoming very concerned, decrying the secrecy by the
government to the point where Minister Marchi felt obliged to make soothing
noises on this issue.
1. In our phone survey of MPs, we seek more than their position: we ask
about their performance informing themselves and their constituents on the
MAI. It is yielding useful insights. The first results will be posted
shortly on our website, mai.flora.org, and released to the media. We aim to
finish all MPs in two more weeks. At least 60 Liberal MPs have been called
so far. Volunteers are needed. Phoning and faxing the survey is
straightforward, and good democratic practice. If you'd like to try calling
a few MPs, email back, or call Terry at 236-6433, or OPIRG-Carleton at

2. Would your group like to join in the MARCH MAI DAYS OF ACTION during the
Liberal convention? If so, let us know. First planning meeting is the
evneing of Tuesday 24 Feb (details to come). This was the number one
priority from the MAI workshop of the Carleton U. Teach-In on Challenging
Corporate Rule, 13-14 Feb. Others include the MP survey and financial
support for a legal challenge against the MAI.

3. Please spread the word about the FSA. The WTO Financial Services
Agreement is included in our MP survey. It would spur the sell-off of
Canada's financial sector; together with other measures, it could even
spell the end of our Canadian dollar. Sound far-fetched? The editorial in
the latest issue of "The Next City," a corporate mouthpiece magazine,
advocates one U.S. dollar currency for the Americas. Implementing
legislation on the FSA is due in a matter of weeks, with no debate, in the
House of Commons.

4. Finally, where is the MAI-not! campaign going? We are all overstretched:
what's needed to make it work without going crazy? Bring or email your ideas. 

For more info visit http://mai.flora.org
Or contact Terry Cottam, coordinator, 236-6433
MAI-not! A joint project of
OPIRG-Carleton, 520-2757
OPIRG-Ottawa, 230-3076
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